Train 365

Train365 provides a multitude of services for industry. Our trainers and Work cover assessors come from an extensive career in construction, manufacturing, logistics, open cut and underground mining careers. As well as having experience in working with local government and private enterprise.

As part of our training services we believe in not only accrediting operators but also increasing their skill levels. This is underpinned by our verification of competency service described in this website.

As our staff possess a passion for assisting personnel with training this goes hand in hand with a passion for safety with the majority holding certificate 4 or diploma qualifications. Each module of training incorporates your safety procedures and systems.

When a person is undergoing training they are also learning your risk assessment process, task analysis and your isolation procedure to name a few. Attached is a small list of the most requested services offered, please feel free to ask our staff for any other services that may enhance your company’s operational performance.